Grow Concentrate - We the Wild

Grow Concentrate - We the Wild

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We the Wild

Kick-start your plants with this highly active, safe and natural plant food. Designed for fast absorption and packed with bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients for speedy growth and healthy plants. Suitable for all plants throughout the whole year and safe for pets! 

8 fl oz (236mL): makes up to 62 gallons.

How to Use

Use every time you water, on all houseplants and year round.
1. Shake well and add ¼ tsp per quart (32oz) of water to your container.
2. Add water (for best results: remove chlorine by resting water for 2-3 minutes before adding).
3. Water soil until liquid drains from the pot.
4. Repeat when soil feels dry

Supercharge your solution!
Dissolve ¼ tsp sugar between step 1 & 2