About Us






Jersey City resident Mariel Acevedo is the creative force behind Leila’s Plants. Having lived in Jersey City since immigrating to the US from the Dominican Republic at the age of 5, Mariel has deep roots in the community. Leila's Plants is her brainchild, a specialty plant pop-up shop offering a thoughtfully curated selection of both common and uncommon houseplants, along with plant care tools and accessories.
Founded and operated in Jersey City, Leila's Plants offers a range of services including plant repotting, plant styling consultations, plant care workshops, pop-up events, and more. In 2021, Mariel began showcasing her plants at fairs and other events, utilizing a pop-up setup to introduce her business to the community.
For Mariel, Leila's Plants is not just a business but a passion. She is constantly searching for the best and most interesting plant varieties to share with her customers, ensuring that each plant finds a loving home where it can thrive. Join Mariel on her plant-filled journey and discover the beauty and joy that plants can bring to your life with Leila's Plants!