About Us


Leila’s Plants is an Afro-Latina-owned specialty plant studio in Jersey City, NJ. We curate common and uncommon houseplants, plant care tools, and vintage & handmade goods from local artists and businesses. We also offer plant care workshops, plant styling consultations, and events. Our goal is not to just sell plants. Our goal is to offer you a personalized experience that keeps you coming back.


Currently, our plant studio is not open to the public, but it will be accessible to plant lovers, enthusiasts, and the community at large in the coming months. This doesn’t mean we are not open for business! We are currently taking online orders for pick-up in convenient locations throughout Jersey City, NJ, or New Brunswick, NJ. We will soon offer delivery service in Hudson County and shipping within the contiguous United States (excluding California). Check the Events tab to find us at a pop-up shop near you!


Thank you for your support today and beyond.